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Unicorn Vs. Dragon Book Cover
My Latest Book

Unicorn Vs. Dragon: The Epic Tournament

Hippolyta the unicorn is back with a magical storybook!

Hippolyta the unicorn is taking a walk in her home forest when she meets a magnificent dragon.

Hippolyta challenges Ember the dragon into a unicorn vs. dragon tournament!

Hippolyta and Ember compete in three thrilling quests and discover the meaning of friendship and courage.

Which magical creature is more powerful, a unicorn or a dragon?

More Books

Unicorn Christmas Story Cover

Unicorn Christmas Story: The Secret Ingredient

The unicorns Raina and Hippolyta need to save Christmas and Claire’s job in a unicorn café.

Two unicorns can think of twice as many magical ideas as one unicorn. But is this trouble too much to handle even for unicorns?

Hippolyta the Unicorn's Magical Activity Book front cover

Hippolyta the Unicorn’s Magical Activity Book for Kids Ages 6-8

Coloring pages, mazes, spot the difference, dot to dot, word searches, word scrambles, sudoku, and more!

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